34DD to 34 B-Best Thing I Ever Did for Myself

I got my breast reduction not long after I turned...

I got my breast reduction not long after I turned 18. I am 5'2" and had 34DD breasts. I'm a slender girl my boobs definately got on my nerves. I complained ONCE to my doctor about back aches, got referred to a surgeon, and insurance called to tell me I was covered in two weeks.

I was really nervous about the surgery. I have never had to be cut open or stitched or had anything broken before but I am telling you the drugs they put in your body on surgery day are roooockin. I was so happy when they rolled me in and joking with the doctors about being "shanked". I was home the next day.

All in all I would say there was little to NO pain. None!

If boobs were to grow back every five years hypothetically I would get this surgery every time they grew back, over and over again. It was the best thing I ever did for myself and my cute little boobs are hott and healing up with small scars that don't even phase me. Get this surgery, and have a whole new cute body.

Newark Plastic Surgeon

She is amazing. She knows her sh** and will answer all of your questions up and down. She is very professional and a wonderful surgeoun. I was lucky to find her

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if you dont mind me asking, what is your insurance?? i am so nervous my insurance wont cover mine even though i need it desperately
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Are you happy going all the way to the B cup? I 24 and am a 38DD and leaning towards going to a B but several people have cautioned me against it.
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That is great news! Congrats!
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Probably 30 dollars co-pay since it was covered by insurance :) I am so happy for you! I am getting mine done this Thursday! Anything I should know about how to care for the scars post op?
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How the hell did you get one for $30 ?
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Insurance... $30 was probably the co-pay.

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