Breast Lift with Implant (Droopy A to 34B Cup)

I'm 35,174cm tall,62kg and had a droopy A to 34B...

I'm 35,174cm tall,62kg and had a droopy A to 34B Cup.4 days ago i had a breast lift with 250cc silicone implants done.I know wear a 36C cup sportsbra and feel that they are massive.

I know that there is a lot of swelling at the moment, but will they go down quite a lot? I had asked for normal looking and sized breast. Also said that i did not want them big. Please help.I feel very unhappy at the moment.

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Once the swelling is gone ,will they be a cup size...

Once the swelling is gone ,will they be a cup size down? -- Updated on Nov 16, 2009: I am now 5 weeks postop and my breast are still a c cup. They are soft now and healed well so far but the size still seems the same.


I'm going through the exact same thing... Have they gone down as of yet or are they still swollen? I am 5 months and still feeling too big.
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Hi, I went for the second OP and had 180cc High profile put in. This is now 4 weeks ago and i am happy.I have a small C cup now. The doc didnt like me doing it and said that they would be very small but just after the Op the nurse said that she would have done the same and that they where to big for my figure. The thing is also that the doc told me after the first op that they will get smaller and that after 2 months but after the second he said after 3 week that they wont get any smaller. Now what can you believe?! I hope this helps you. good luck
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