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I had excess skin issues post weight loss. I had a...

I had excess skin issues post weight loss. I had a Breast Lift with Implants, Arm and Thigh Lift and removal of a mole. I don't recall the exact cost as it has been 6years. I will say Dr. D's pricing was competitive, but way too inexpensive for the amount of care and concern I was given!

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Dr. D hs done four procedures on me. I am a post gastric bypass patient with a lot of excess skin issues. Dr. D is a great surgeon who provides great results. He also has a great bedside manner, is caring, and has a great deal of integrity. He will discuss your concerns at the consultation and then give you his opinion. I have know many people that have been to see him, and he will tell a patient if they do NOT need surgery, or it won't help their issue. How many other surgeons will deny business by being honest and refusing to just make a quick buck? Dr. D cares, and after having multiple surgeries over the years, is the ONLY surgeon who waited in the recovery room until I was discharged. So, can you really afford to not go have a consult with him and see for yourself?

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Thanks for sharing your experience and congrats on your successful weight loss. Would you mind also helping out our bariatrics community by sharing your gastric bypass experience? Thanks a lot in advance!

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