Help! Saggy and Very Soft Skin Around Breast Implants

I got breast implants when I was 20 years old. My...

I got breast implants when I was 20 years old. My weight has fluctuated and now I feel they are a bit saggy. The implants were placed between the minor and major pectoral muscle and the incision is in the underarm.

I loved the shape and size during the first three years but now I feel the breast has dropped. Is it just me or are they very saggy?

Would you recommend removal of implant to replace with a smaller size or a breast lift? I frequently model and am very concerned about scarring. Any advice would be muchly appreciated.


i agree. they look natural. i.e. great.
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hello im only 20 and im interesting with the breast inplands and im not sure dis is the good idea?!
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theyre beautiful...look natural
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Vicente Garcia

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