Breast Lift OK, but Left Me with Areola Wrinkles

I had a breast lift 18 months ago (dougnut) which...

I had a breast lift 18 months ago (dougnut) which left me with severe wrinkling around both areolas - My breasts are medium size (C cup) and were showing medium ptosis after 2 pregnancies.

Apart from the wrinkles, the shape and feel of my breasts are OK.

The wrinkles have somewhat faded during the past 18 months but still remain deep and very visible(let's put it this way: my areola wrinkles are a complete turn-off in sexual circumstances)- When I discussed this with my doctor he said that he should have used the T scar technique but reverted to doughnout upon my wishing for minimal scarring. Only those wrinkles are more horrible than any scar I know. I do not wish to ask him for scar revisions because I do not trust him anymore.


Yes my areolas are differently shaped as well. Your wrinkling might fade away since it's only been 2 weeks. It's best you wait 2 months before you make any decisions, but I know that this is very hard.
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OMG Im sorry to hear this. Im in the same boat and now Im scared. I had the doughnut lift with gel implants 2 weeks ago and 1 areola is nice and round and the other is wrinkled and oblong. I was gonna wait for the three month trial before I complain but yours has been 18 months. Is your areols diferent shaped as well?
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due to areola wrinkles left after my breast lift

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