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Long wait for final results...

Always wanted full, perky breasts. After...

Always wanted full, perky breasts. After breastfeeding two children, I definately needed a lift to achieve the perky part. The scars are minimal, but the nipple is not in the center of the breast (as I thought it would be). Currently 7 wks PO.

Ok, time seems to be the key to breast lifts. Doc...

Ok, time seems to be the key to breast lifts. Doc said it during the the post op visit that it would take time for things to heal, which to me was a vague statement.

After almost 1 year, the results are satifactory. The scars are still red/pinkish, the breasts have settled nicely and are quite perky.

Nearly 2 years later, the results are favorable. ...

Nearly 2 years later, the results are favorable. Nipples settled into the center of the breasts.
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Seems to be a skilled surgeon. Has a VERY large ego and not so great bedside manner. He did not spend very much time with me during the initial consult or post operatively. I would use him again, if I desire more cosmetic procedures.

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Wondering what your plastic surgeon says about this. Glad he's skilled, but boo to big egos and poor bedside manners! If he's made an error, he should revise it for free (Not that you really want to go through it all again, but still). Also, does he say that your off center nipples could be due to swelling that will eventually subside?
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PS says that as the implants settle the nipple will rise. I just didn't realize the length of time it would take for the implants to settle after a lift w/ augmentation.
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Here is what some doctors on RealSelf have to say about implants settling.
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I know it must be hard to wait! Please keep us updated. Hoping you get the breasts you deserve!
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