Botched Surgery, i Need Help

I had a bad surgery 3 years ago.I had a lift with...

I had a bad surgery 3 years ago.I had a lift with implants and lipo. The scars i have are awful,i look like a monster!,my Dr had NO compassion when i told him i was unhappy only 1 month after my surgery,my nipples are HUGE now,they were,nt before,they were stretched out and stiched,and i am soo embaressed by my looks. I can do the pencil test,i can not find a bra to fit!!~ I would love them fixed,but i am still paying for this one! I am desperate! i need advice.


I'm so sorry to read your story. I am going through the exact same thing! I had a full anchor lift (although only needed a donut lift...I was very small, but dr. could charge more for anchor) and implants 3 years ago. I have cried every day since the surgery, tried to file a lawsuit, but I didn't have much luck bc it was an "elective" surgery. I need to get them fixed for my own mental well being, but I'm still paying for the first one and I don't want that butcher any where near my body again!!! Not to mention the are very "boxy" in shape, my nipples are so high that I cannot find a bra to cover them and he left part of my areola going all the way down my vertical scar...oh yeah, and my horizontal scar is 2" up my breasts! Have you had any luck?
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what's the doctors name? I live and Houston, and I want to make sure I skip him.
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I think it might be time to seek a second opinion. Here is a list of board certified Houston doctors. Hopefully it will give you somewhere to start.

Top Houston Breast Lift Doctors

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PLEASE make sure you talk to patients of the Dr,s I thought i had a good one,i wish i had researched better!

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