Breast Implants Were the Last Hurdle for Me to Overcome

I’m 40 years young and I have learned through...

I’m 40 years young and I have learned through two marriages, four kids, and a lifetime of experience that you can fix most anything if you want it badly enough. This is my outlook towards plastic surgery. I once looked into a bunch of different procedures when I was overweight and unhappy. I eventually decided that I looked this way because I was unhappy, not unhappy because I looked this way. I had to do something! I was 180lb and I wanted to get liposuction and a tummy tuck. I never did it; just went to the gym and worked it off. I grew into the belief that fat people shouldn’t get these procedures to lose weight. The gym and a proper diet is the only answer. But the one thing I couldn’t change about myself were my 34A breasts. Last December I finally had it done and I am glad I did. No amount of wishing or working out could change this about me but the doctor worked a miracle. I am now a full 36C and my breasts are also more towards the middle than before. I have cleavage for the first time in my life! I like the work my surgeon did. I was worried about scars showing or my nipples not being straight but it was all worries for nothing. It went perfectly. Now that I have lost weight and done this for myself I feel very accomplished and proud of my body. It was a complete transformation.
good for you - seems like you have balance in your life and you should be very proud of the weight loss, gym dedication and deserved the whole package!
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