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My experience was a good one, the pain was...

my experience was a good one, the pain was bearable and i really dont remember the first 2 days, but i had a great doctor and awesome help afterwards.

i had my breast done about 2 weeks ago behind the muscle with silicone gell implants, i am a professional poll dancer, how long should i wait till i reintroduce myself to the poll? or is that something that i may have to give up?


Hello pole dancer. I'm an ABQ girl too and would love to know who ur doc was n how ur experience with him/her was and also if ur happy with ur results. About to tackle this bread survey real soon.
Thank u.
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You shouldn't have to give up this activity permanently. But this should fall under the category of physical activities like going to the gym. Did your surgeon outline for you when you could return to such physical activities? Ordinarily I would think that once you reach the point that things look healed on the outside and you have zero pain or discomfort, then you should be good to go. Still, it never hurts to get the opinion of your surgeon. You paid good money for your surgery, the last thing you'll want to do is put that investment at risk! Once your surgeon has given you the "all clear", enjoy.
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my doctor was very honest with me about size, the procedure, and what to expect for aftercare.

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