Breast Implants Not Worth It in the Big Picture

Breast implants are not permanent..even if your...

Breast implants are not permanent..even if your experience is good to start.

They have to be some point...when this happens ...there is a possibility that it may not go as well as the last surgery. And then you can have surgery and it may not go as well..on and it is not a one time investment ..or even could rule or ruin you financially.

As for the quality of changes..if you are an active woman will find that everything physical is and issue..water skiing , jogging, snowboarding..having sex..

At what point do you think you will stop having breast surgeries..40, 60 80..??
Very few pros...Tons of cons...


I totally agree with you. I had implants for 30 years and had to have two sets. I had the last ones taken out and not replaced. I feel so much better without the bags on my chest. Women who have implants think that they look good but what they do not realize is that their ribs are being compressed (if they are under the muscle) and their health is being compromised. They will have to be replaced several times throughout their lifetime and it is not worth the pain,the loss of sensation, the expense and the risk of going under general anesthesia. I wish I had never done it. I looked perfectly fine the way I was.
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