Love my Right Breast but the Left Breast Looks Higher, Smaller and Nipple Points Downward.

I had my breasts done 3 months ago. The right...

I had my breasts done 3 months ago. The right breat dropped after about 6 wks but the left breast has not dropped at all & appears 1/2 cup smaller than the right. The left nipple also points downward. My right is my dominent side which makes it even stranger. It only took 6 wks for my right to drop, is it unlikely the left will drop after all this time? FYI!!!!! In the one picture I am flexing my chest muscles, that explains the distortion)

I had the same problem as you. My doctor said to not expect my left implant to drop any further, since it's been 1 yr already. He said a revision is necessary. I go for revision in one month. He's only charging a minor fee (approx $500). Revisions sometimes need to be done. My doctor is a perfectionist. It's his reputation, and he wants his clients to be happy with the results.
had my surgery last July 2009. I am having the same problems and I will go under surgery in two weeks to repair scar tissue and to have my nipples more even. I also will get a 25cc more on my smaller breast. Unfortunately everything would be out of my pocket. I must redo it because I can't stand my breast now:( Good luck to you.
omg... I am experiencing the exact same thing. My right side is dominant and it dropped i believe within the first month and the left breast is higher nipple points downward and the upper pole of the breast is fuller because it hasn't dropped on the left side. I am wondering the same exact question. Will my left one drop. I had my BA on march 16th so its been about 2 months for me!
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I'm unsure if I would recommend my dr. I don't know if this was something that could have been prevented.

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