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So Happy with the Results and Feel So Much Better About Myself

As I was growing up I always had smaller breast...

As I was growing up I always had smaller breast then most of my friends but up untill the age 17 I passed it off as "I will grow" I however never did and at 18 had smaller then an A cup. My parents decited this was something they wanted to do for me before I started college. I am very little so didnt want big boobs in any ways just enough to make myself feel better about it. I went up to a B and could not have asked for anything better. They are exactly the size I wanted and are pretty much perfect. It was very very painfull but that pain only lasted about 3 days and was controled well with pain killer. I recomend this to anyone who feels they would be much more happy with implants.

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hello there! i was wondering what kind of material your doctor used, which way did he make the incision, whether you had any bruising and if so, when did it subside, and if you can show me your before and after photos (my breasts have nice shapes, but they are very small). if you decide to do so, you can either post it here or email it to me. thank you so much dear!

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Good for you! I'm moving back to SC in January and I'm looking for a PS to do a breast lift and augmentation for me there now that I've had my tummy tuck. Thanks :)
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