Breast Implants Gone Wrong

No pros whatsoever...Maybe other doctors are good...

No pros whatsoever...Maybe other doctors are good at what they do. Mine left me with breasts that look as though they are from two different people. Let me give you a brief rundown of all the issues I am left with after 7500 dollars:

- No feeling throughout either of my breasts - only internal pain I can not describe!

- My areolas are everywhere when they were even prior to this.

- I am in constant pain - no matter what I do, even sleeping, or sex, or the treadmill...they hurt deep inside! Sitting on the couch is painful because the pain is all the time. It's been almost 2 years, and it hasn't stopped hurting.

- They sag. They do not look like an "enhancement." The scars are bulky, at least an inch thick, and are not i the same area as each other.

- Double bubble on one, and triple coming on the other. One breast has an eerie shape, not an oval or circle. Must I go on? Look before you buy, and bring pictures so that you may be able to prove a case if necessary!

I did this because I had children, and was hoping to regain what I lost, however, now I have lost so much more. I cry everyday, and can not face myself in the mirror. I feel stupid for trusting my body to anyone, and I actually looked much better prior to this.

If my breasts had looked this way today because that's how God had wanted it, I could deal with it knowing what I know now. It's harder to cope knowing I have allowed this to be done by anyone else, and can never accept the fact I could have prevented the man responsible for this terror from inflicting the pain I endure today just by checking around a bit more.

Cosmeticraze, your experience just astonishes me. I do believe there are opportunities to fix this and get back to enjoying life, and it looks like Dr Blinski's offer is the first such golden opportunity to check out. Please don't sit and hope for things to just get better by themselves. Things CAN get better if you take the first steps!
with all do respect,I have taken MANY steps to fix the problem and make things happen.The first step was trusting my so called board certified surgeon to hack on me up more than 3 times, when I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt and not blame him for all the things that went wrong.And as anyone who reads my comments can see, trying to take the right steps nearly killed me and traumatized my family as well.There is also NO medical reason why I should not have a normal breast augmentation.I can see one mistake or even two from a surgeon,but a problem at the hands of the same person over and over? Not logical!!!!! But you are TRULY TRULY right.Sitting around and waiting will not solve things.Cosmeticraze all the way. It is what is. or what ever title is given when I'm paying my cash to get the satisfaction I am entitled to have.I would feel the same way if I were getting a tattoo or a new hairdo.Im not going to walk away with my head hung to the floor with a low standard, sorry less result.Breast implants are not something I have to have,but its something I want and want done right, and I have taken steps in finding the right surgeon to make this happen.If I could load and pack up my 2 dogs, my son and my husband,trust me I would catch the next bird smokin and fly to MIAMI or California,but it shouldn't even get to that point.As stated in other comments ,I do live in NC.With all that said I will take ONE STEP at a time to work this out.Although I am upset and a bit consumed with this nitemare,I try not to let it take over the rest of my life.I have a son,two little dogs and a husband that needs me.I refuse to let it get to that point any more than what it has.I am sure that you care about people because you go on this site to comfort others and give advice, but the way people feel about their body, and how they feel about themselves and look for what ever reason is a very serious and delicate thing.
With all due respect, I think you have misread the posts. I most certainly did not mean to make you feel criticised. My comment was really more about Dr B's kind offer. I understand that there are many restrictions (money, time, other commitments) that may prevent you from taking him up on it. I wish you nothing but the best. Cheers
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I tried explaining to my doctor right away that there was a problem, but after many 3 hours trips he'd "look", and say no problem. However, I have seen a few surgeons since, and it's been awful. When I went back with all my issues, I looked the book they convienently had in the back, and realized all the patients in that book looked terrible. The book in the front has pictures of the good ones, so he obviously knows that there's a problem. It also has forms that happy patients filled out recommending him. I called an attorney, and come to find out they have had at least 50 women come in with the same issues as me recently.

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