Tubular Breast Deformity - I Want to Remove my Implants After 2 Years of Placement

Pros: Looked better in clothesCons: Too large,...

Pros: Looked better in clothes

Cons: Too large, look unnatural, felt unnatural

I had it done because I suffer from tubular breast deformity and just wanted to feel comfortable in my own skin and be able to take my clothes off in front of my husband without being embarrassed.

I want to remove my implants after 2 years of placement. They are too large and I just do not like to way they feel, but I suffer from tubular breast deformity. Will my breast look the same as they did prior to surgery and if so what other options do I have?
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I believe he did a good job explaining the procedure to me and preforming his part the best he could considering what he had to work with.

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It could be due to the different fills or could be a slight capsular contracture. Only by exam can one tell
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It depend on what was done at the begining. What was the method to repair the tubular breast? In general if you remove your implants after 2 years there will be some changes in the size and shape of the breast. I doubt that it will become tubular and constricted again. If they are too big you may consider exchanging them to a smaller implants.
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Thank you for your reply. My Dr. rounded out the bottom of the breast to create a more natural crease, he then placed McGHAN 68HP saline-filled implats 320cc filled to 340cc in the L, and 350 cc filled to 380cc in the R. I do feel that my right brest is a little higher and rounder than the left. Could that be because of the different size implants my Dr. choose?
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