Breast Implants

I just had Breast Implants to correct a Tubular...

I just had Breast Implants to correct a Tubular Deformity, I am 6 days post op and so far I am very excited to see the final results.

My left side har fared much better than my right. My left side the implant has fallen, virtually no pain and can do most any activity. My right side has EXCRUCIATING pain whenever I moveand the implant is sitting very high, virtually on my collar bone.

I have a horrbile pain under my right breast along the rib cage It is a sharp searing pain whenever i move a certain way and especially when riding in cars (going over bumps) Tylenol is NOT helping and it is getting worse by the day (its been 5 days) there is no visible swelling or bruising. What could be causing this? What can I take for the pain? I need to resume work again next week and fear that 4 more days might just be worse!

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