Muscle Skin Broken,in Second Surgery Like Smoking Papper

I have visit another Doctor these days,and he said...

I have visit another Doctor these days,and he said looking at the pintures and my breasts,that my result could be bassed on the factor that on the second surgery as the left breast had a big capsular contracture, the skin that surronded the muscle must have been very thin even could have ripped(the original doctor which did the surgery explainned that, and he said he had ti re-construct all that thin skin),so know what has happend and that is the explanation given for the result,is that the skin outside is behaving with the inner part as a skingraft and that is why is so glued at the lower part of the left breast base.

Do you think this could have sense?How long for another surgery and how can this be solved? Many thanks for your time and consideration.

Hi veryverysad- your updated picture looks a lot better. Is that just from massage or did you get a new surgery in Jan? How are you feeling?

Hi Angiemcc, you have my pictures here:
I´ve seen the doctor on Tuesday and he said to go on a new surgery beginning January, only on left breast, to try and make the pocket more comfortable.¿What do you think? Right breast has a little line at the botton I´m a bit scared that maybe it will become the same type of line that I had before this second surgery... Thank-you for your help¡¡¡

Hi there and thank you for sharing your story here on RealSelf. I'm a little unclear about what you've had done. Did you have implants put in  and then removed? Or are you just considering having your implants removed?

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