Silicone Implant Removal

I had my silicone gel implants for 3 years. I...

I had my silicone gel implants for 3 years. I started working out alot and I started to get a sharp pain on my left breast and a wrinkle there as well. I decided to get them taken out. Its been a few days now im still recovering but I feel much better already. The shock of how small they are now if still affecting me but I heard that is pretty common. Can anyone give me some more feedback about how the breast reacts after? Any advice?


Hi. I had arthritis like pains, burning, massive headaches, hair loss. I have had them out and a botched lift. But I feel 10 years younger (and I lost weight) I miss them once in a while. But research into stem cell breast growth has me hopeful. Good luck:)

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Hi. I've had my implants for 20 years. I get constant pains through my left breast and have decided to remove them. It's very uncomfortable.

I'm worried about my size after, but i've decided that i just want to be me. I'm in Ontario and OHIP is paying for the removal, and in 4 - 6 months, i'll get a lift and that'll be that.

I figure that even for piece of mind, i'd rather have them out and know it's all good than have them and always wonder.
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Yeah where did you get this done. I have breast pain.
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I would recommend my doctor he was very nice and helpful

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