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Hi, I found out recently I have the PIP implants...

Hi, I found out recently I have the PIP implants and have decided to go with removal and no replacement - and no breast lift either. I would like advice please about how to find a good surgeon - not sure if someone used to doing simple implants would be skilled enough for this? Unfortunately there are no recommendations for where I live. Someone else thought perhaps someone who does reconstruction would be good? AND, does anyone have advice for post op care? How can I ensure the best results - would wearing a sports bra etc help? thanks!

Thank you Angie.
Oh also to add, I have found a surgeon now. He is very nice. At first he said 'Are you sure you don't want them replaced etc' but once I explained I'm certain he was very supportive. I said I was worried other people would notice but he said I should be proud and not worry which helped me a lot actually. Someone else who I e-mailed said I should be prepared to have saggy, empty breasts if I didnt have them replaced.

Sorry you have to deal with the PIP deal. Blerg! I would contact the Australian board that certifies plastic surgeons and ask for referrals in your area. You might want to be prepared for a few surgeons to tell you that you should replace your implants. They are all about doing what is aesthetically pleasing and very few want to remove implants without putting new ones in.

You should read through a few of the reviews in this community and reach out to the women who've had breast implant removal. It's a pretty close-knit bunch and I know they'll welcome you with open arms and help you through!


Grr I just wrote lots and it disappeared! I...

Grr I just wrote lots and it disappeared!

I was just updating to say my surgery in this Thursday. Although I have felt lots of different feelings the last few weeks I know I am doing the right thing getting rid and not replacing. It feels like it is not who I am anymore if that makes sense...I was only 20 years old when I had the implants done and now 11 years later I am less bothered and shy about what other people think.

I will post photos if I feel brave!
Hi andi, is your surgery tomorow 23rd or 24th or have you had it??I saw the programme last evening also and i am so glad i have had my implants removed. I did not have pips but had a bad capsular contracture and it was so uncomfy at the end and i couldnt look at my boobs for months as they had sagged so much. Like littlenik i too feel a hell of a lot lighter and i did go for the capsulectomies in the end after all my non stop research right up to the day of surgery ..i drove myself mad and exhausted!! It is a rollercoaster at mo emotionally but i am relieved it done. So glad you are nearly at your op date as it is such a surreal time waiting . Lots of luck you be fine. x
hi Andi, Not long now. Dont worry, If i can get through it anyone can, I was so nervous i cried on my way to and from surgery. I was told to wear a sports bra as soon as possible as the skin inside the breast that had the implant inside needs to reconnect and wearing a bra compresses the breast and stimulates the connection of the skin inside. I am feeling good today, I look skinnier wihtout my implants which i didnt expect and feel happy about that but i have a long way to go and so do you. Take care and best of luck you are about to go on a hell of a rollercoaster. xxx
Thanks Littlenik, I saw a news story last night about PIPS and they showed a ruptured implant being squeezed out of a ladys breast- it was literally like jelly coming out in chunks. Made me more glad that it is soon over for me. Hope you are good today xx

So I had the surgery yesterday.It was scary andI...

So I had the surgery yesterday.It was scary andI was very tearful just before. When I woke up in the recovery room I felt sick so was given some anti nausea tablets which did the trick. I was taken to my room for a few hours and then went home because I didntt want to stay the night. The surgeon told me one of the implants was upside down! That breast has always been smaller and an odder shape so that would be the reason!.

I have drains in which will stay in a few days.

This morning I was terrified of taking the bandages off but I really am pleasantly surpised...so far they look pretty good- or at least not as bad as I thought! The doctor said I would probly be a B cup, but since I cant even fill the cup of the sports bra I bought I must be an A. With the implants in I was a C/D.

Will try and post photos sometimes and apologies if this is a bit incohherant, I am still a bit out of it! Thans so much everyone for your support x
He said he had to remove the capsules with the implant still in them. Not sure if I understood what he meant by that! Haha! Sounds creepy. Then he had to scrape out the scar tissue "that looked like vroken egg shells". I don't think he was very gentle. Or.... I'm just a whimp! I took the pain pills every six hours if needed. By Monday I was only taking one. I still have the surgical tape on. I'm hopeing that they are just taped tight because my right one looks like it has a bad over bite! (it sticks outs weird over the tape!) and the swelling on the sides makes them look stretched. In a week I will let you know if they look normal! Haha! I AM happier with how I look in my shirts though! I'm 5'7" and about 125lbs. The size D looked fake on me in certain shirts. Or in baggy shirts, I looked pregnant. Now I just look normal! Yay! I can't wait to get back to the gym yo weigh myself. I think the implants totaled 3 - 4 pounds. I hope! I got called today to do stunts on a movie this coming Monday. I told him ok so I realllly hope I feel better. If not, I'll pretend I'm ok! Haha!
Hi, I'll send a proper reply later, but just to say please be careful if you're doing stunts, my doctor told me I cant even run for 3 weeks, and then only gently! x
I had my implants removed the day after you! My incision area is still sore. Feels like a bad sunburn. And now I just feel like I worked out too hard. The first three days were pretty hard for me. I slept most of the time. I think that they will be a B (from a D- 400cc's). But i still have a lot of swelling in the side boob area. I had drains from Friday to Tuesday. The drains were empty by saturday night but the Dr office was closed for memorial day weekend!

So I am just over one week post op now. I have...

So I am just over one week post op now. I have small breasts -an A cup I think but I do not mind :) I am SO happy to be rid of those toxic bags, and although my breasts are not perfect, I dont care! They werent perfect WITH the implants either and now I am lighter, I look slimmer and am putting my health first. I tried on some bikinis in a shop this morning and they looked pretty good!! My breasts arent saggy, the thing that bothers me still is the assymetry which I have always had, but still it is not the end of the world. I just wish I had never had the implants in the first place now and been more accepting of myself all those years ago.
Hi! I'm feeling a lot better! My scars itch like crazy. I'm talking MEGA itching. It sucks. I bought three wireless size B bras from Victorias Secret. I think that I'll be an A though. The bras seem to cover every thing. I wore a bikini for the first time yesterday and was kind of depressed. It looks so weird plus I haven't worked out in a while so I am loose looking and my gut can't hide behind big boobs! HaHa! Mine also look like they are pointing outward. Not extreme, but near my cleavage looks almost square. It's only been a little over a week so I'm sure that will change. The other day I got a call to do stunts on a movie for tomorrow. What timing! Ugh! I'm going to do it. My call time is at 6:00 in the morning. It sounds easy though, I just have to run out of the way (of the Rock!!! Squeeeee!) so that's why I'll be there. They didn't mention getting thrown or hanging so it won't be a problem. I can't wait to do crunches and be able to fully lift up my arms. I'm very excited to see if my health improves! I took pictures before the explant on my iPhone but can't load them to this site. So as soon as I can put them on the computer I will put before and after pictures. Keep in touch!
Hi andi glad you are healing and feeling happier. And also to corki973 hope you are less sore. It is 3 half weeks since my explant and i am ok from boobs point of veiw just had acid reflux problems since operation and so that has taken over from boob prob!! I havent been back to work but not cos of boobs other health issues. My boobs are still very flat on top and i am just in an a cup soft cheap bra. I like corki had all capusules removed and so was really tender for week or so around ribs and to lift arms was sore near arm pits. My scars are a bit tender but i,m ok.My boobs seem to point outwards a bit hope this settles when scars feel less tight.?? does anyone else have this. Are you going to try post photos yet andi??I havent done so yet and have to work out how to do it but know how useful i found looking at pics before op. Keep posting and healing! x
Hi again! I am pleased you are happy even if they are not perfect...I feel the same. Take it easy on Monday! x

It's been nearly 7 weeks now and I am so glad I...

It's been nearly 7 weeks now and I am so glad I did it. Yes i have small boobs, but it doesn't matter!! It never did, I just wish I realised that before- we're more than a pair of boobs! :)

I've started running with a v tight sports bra and massaging breasts with almond oil. I think I'm around about an A cup now.

For anyone wondering if they should explant, I think it is highly likely you will be happier afterwards, as most women seem to be, whatever your reasons. I say go for it!
hi andi i just read your old posts,sound like your recovery was quick with no hitches and your breasts bounced back quite good? do you have any pics? i have got some arnica gel, do you know if this is good for the scars or just for the bruising? l am so impatient, i just wish i was a few weeks further on x
Is the massage and rose hip oil making a difference? I think that's great your doc recommended something and even better if you feel it's helped. I-would love to hear about your experiences with this? Congrats on your running!
Hi! Probably too soon to say I guess. Rosehip oil is apparently good for scars though so I'm hopeful it will help fade them...last time I didnt put anything on the scars and they were not very good. He cut those old scars out.

I should probably clarify my surgeon didnt say to massage, he thought it wouldnt make any difference but I thought its worth a go :)

It's been nearly four months now and still happy i...

It's been nearly four months now and still happy i did it! I'm going on holiday soon and have bought a couple of cute bikinis. both slightly padded cups - one halterneck, one strapless. i think they look better than when I had the implants as I dont look fake now!

My boyfriend said the other day how much better they look. He said he never thought at the time my implants were gross but he saw a photo I took before and said they looked disgusting.

I am enjoying running about 4 times a week, I am wanting to get fit and look good for summer and not feeling like a big lump with huge breasts.
Hi andi22 thats great you are so happy with your breasts, do you have any pics? I cant say at the moment i am happy with mine BUT i will say i have NO regrets that i had those golf balls removed. Roll on 4 months for me! Have a fab hols with your new body xx
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