Breast Implants Explantation, Looking for a GOOD Dr.

Hello ladies, after reading your stories, I...

Hello ladies, after reading your stories, I finally made up my mind. I want my implants out. I am looking for surgeons in the SF bay area (I live is Santa Rosa, CA) but it is so hard to choose when looking only at Drs background and their website, so I thought, what a better way to ask you. Anyone who is absolutely happy with their Dr??? Thank you

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Dr Randall Weil in San Francisco... AMAZING!
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Hi there!

Here's a list of doctors who do breast implant removals in the Bay Area. Hopefully you'll get some good input from other ladies who've had this done in San Francisco. Please come back and let us know what you find and if you're going to do it!

I'd love to know more about why you want your implants removed.

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