Breast Implant Infection

I had breast augmentation on April 30th. The left...

I had breast augmentation on April 30th. The left one was always a lot more swollen. It started to heat up, get red and cause a huge amount of pain.

I was ignored by my doctor. After days and days of this, I finally demanded my boyfriend drive me to the ER. My WBC count was through the roof and of course, as I feared, I had an infection.

I have been in the hospital on IV anti-biotics for days -- things are clearing up but the left breast is still a full cup size larger than the right.

I am a grad student but make my money bar tending in a corset... I am devestated, upset, depressed... everything bad all rolled into one. He says it has to come out, how long till I can get it fixed? He at first said 30 days so I mentally prepared for that, now he is saying 60-90. Advice please!

Do you have to wait for infected breast implants be removed or replaced?

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He was good, but didn't listen to my concerns post-op and waited until I took myself to the ER and the onfection got worse to take me seriosuly.

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I think it will be helpful to everyone if you post the DR's name.
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I am going through this also! I just had my left one removed last wednesday and my dr says I have to wait 6 weeks before replacing it! I too am lost emabarrassed and a ton of other emotions!
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I'm so sorry ! I'm going through the same thing, getting my implant remove tomorrow. I'm lost, embarrass, confused, and in pain !
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I am currently recovering from the same situation you went through.This is my 3rd surgery.I was in the hospital 5 days with a serious staph infection and also was treated by a million bags of IV antibiotics.I ended up having both implants removed.I have to wait 8 weeks to get them put back in and I am terrified the same thing is going to happen again, but I refuse to have a flat chest.
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Hi there, I am also recovering from a staph infection, that caused my left implant to be removed. After about 4 months, the infection reoccured and caused an abcsess. Now I have to wait another 6 months. I am so scared it is going to happen again. Anyone, any advise????
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