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The breast augmentation (over 3 years ago) looked...

The breast augmentation (over 3 years ago) looked good for a while. But after 3 years my wife is not satisfied. She says her breasts sit too far apart, too low and seem to have deflated a bit. Bras (even new bras) dont fit like they did a year or so ago. She wants to make the change over to Memory Gel Silicon Implants and go larger. As my wife is right now, she Only has cleavage with a super dooper push up padded bra. We thought you didnt need those if you had implants.

She is right and I am in the same situation as her. I only need a magic bra to have a better cleavage, but still with a gap in between them. I cant believe she actually waited for three years to speak up. I am going to change them only after a year. You need to be by her side and support her if that what she wants. If you can afford to do it. Why not? Good luck.
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Do your research and homework, compare doctors, accreditations etc. We went with the first doctor we had a consult with... its a big decision, take it slow.

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