Breast Augmentation One Breast Larger Than Other

I was an A cup and am now a C cup. I am satisfied...

I was an A cup and am now a C cup. I am satisfied with most of the results and feel great. My only concern is that i will have one breast significantly larger than the other permanently. Eventhough I had small breast before atleast they were the same size. I am worried that this is noticeable over my clothes. I was wearing a vest and my b/f noticed it was tugging more one my left because that is the larger breast. Is 2 weeks too early to critisize results?

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I too had my breasts done by Dr. Reichner in june of 2012. my breasts are also uneven and after seeing him 6 months post op. He says it's due to my natural asymmetry that wasn't discussed pre op to make me of aware of the issue. I paid a lot of money and although the look great in clothes im not happy with them unclothed.
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i 2 hav had surgery. i had one breast ocnsiderably larger than the other. havin had my operation i am very unsatisfied. i feel that its a case of it being the opposite breat that is now larger.its bn 2 wks sinse my surgery so i feel ur pain
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Hi sweetie. Dont stress too much. I asked a doctor and they said one of them always drops before the other. I am right handed. so my right one dropped first. try using your left hand as much as you can. i still have one riding high up but it has only been 30 days since my sugery. you will be ok.
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I am considering a B/A,and through everything I have been told by friends,family,consults with PS and reading ALL of the stories on here,YES two weeks out from surgery is way to early to tell and you should talk to your PS about your concerns.I have also come to know from reading and researching,it could take some people six months,to settle and for all the swelling to go away and be able to see their final results.Hope this help,good luck to you.
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