Breast Augmentation One Breast Larger Than Other

I was an A cup and am now a C cup. I am satisfied...

I was an A cup and am now a C cup. I am satisfied with most of the results and feel great. My only concern is that i will have one breast significantly larger than the other permanently. Eventhough I had small breast before atleast they were the same size. I am worried that this is noticeable over my clothes. I was wearing a vest and my b/f noticed it was tugging more one my left because that is the larger breast. Is 2 weeks too early to critisize results?

I too had my breasts done by Dr. Reichner in june of 2012. my breasts are also uneven and after seeing him 6 months post op. He says it's due to my natural asymmetry that wasn't discussed pre op to make me of aware of the issue. I paid a lot of money and although the look great in clothes im not happy with them unclothed.
i 2 hav had surgery. i had one breast ocnsiderably larger than the other. havin had my operation i am very unsatisfied. i feel that its a case of it being the opposite breat that is now larger.its bn 2 wks sinse my surgery so i feel ur pain
Hi sweetie. Dont stress too much. I asked a doctor and they said one of them always drops before the other. I am right handed. so my right one dropped first. try using your left hand as much as you can. i still have one riding high up but it has only been 30 days since my sugery. you will be ok.
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