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5 weeks ago i had breast augmentation in egypt, i...

5 weeks ago i had breast augmentation in egypt, i was 34a/b cup i asked for 600cc silicone sub muscular which i got even tho the surgeon says was a wee bit big for my first ba, he recomended 500cc max.

anyway 10 days after suregery both incisions burst at the sae time and seroma fluid draind slowly out of incisions for 3 weeks, the eound never closed after and after returning to uk i got no help , the seroma would come for a day and go for 2 , the wound becabe soft with the seroa fluis and opened up all of the incision showing the implants both sides,

my ps on the phone said it had to be cleansed refreshed and closed as soon as it was open, but i couldnt get anyone to do it, last week my implants were removed at the local hospital in glasgow,

my ps says he will do it again for free as he feels bad that i have had all this troubles, the post surgery result was amazing apart from this big problem, doctors had even said it was an art work job, the question i have is what happen to me as all tests showed no infection even from inside the cavity, also how long should i wait and now i have stretched can i go bigger.

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Oh my! I'm so sorry you had to go through this! It sounds painful.

How come you decided to go to Egypt for your surgery?

You might want to consider posting this as a question to doctors in the RealSelf Q&A community. They might be able to give you some input on how to proceed. What does your surgeon say about how long to wait?

I truly hope you're able to get your breasts back to the point where you love them. Just make sure you take care of your health!

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