Breast Augmentation

My decision to go through breast augmentation was...

My decision to go through breast augmentation was a dream of mine ever since I realized my breasts were never going to:

1) be the same size 2) get any bigger

The reasons above would always break a toll on my self-esteem.  There is nothing worse than feeling one of your breasts be a half cup size bigger than the other.  No bra would ever fit perfectly, and not to mention putting on a swim suit! 

It was the best thing I had ever done for myself mentally, physically, and emotionally.

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Congrats!!! :)
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I third what the other two asked, I too live in Illinois and am curious if you love your results, and if so I'd like to know where and if you liked your surgeon and his or her staff?
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I'd like to know where you had yours done also! and thank you!
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May I ask where you had yours done?
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