Help! need help deciding on size and profile!

Age: 25 turning 26 soon. Pre Op: 34 AAA Post...

Age: 25 turning 26 soon.
Pre Op: 34 AAA
Post Op: Hoping for a Full C
Hight: 5'5
Weight: 124
Rib Diameter: 28.5

I have had 3 different consults with different doctors! And each doctor has a different opinion! They all agreed Silicon implants, a Sub-muscular placement, and a crease incision.

However, they all have different opinions on profile type! the first doctor said I should get HP's, the second said I should go with Mod's., and the last doctor (which whom I am choosing to operate because I am confutable with) gave me the option to choose between HP's, and Mod. Plus!

I am very confused now! All I am certain of is that I really want to go for a natural look! after viewing "before and after" pics of HP's I really dislike, for looking to round and fake (especially on people with very little breast tissue like me).
I do like the Moderate profile after pictures. I like the natural appearance, and the fullness of them.
Im not so sure of the Moderate Plus profiles, some pictures were natural looking with projection, and some just looked unnatural looking (to me) like the High Profiles...

I need help deciding between Moderate Plus profiles, and regular Moderate.

I also need advise on the implant's surface. The last Doctor wants to go with textured implants. The two previous doctors wanted to go with smooth surfaced ones! what's better?

Last but not least, my Ps recommended somewhere between 300cc to 325 cc. Is this enough to achieve a full C cup after surgery? or should I go for more?

I have 2 weeks to give my PS my final decisions!

Help would be HIGHLY appreciated!!!!

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