Breast Augmentation, 2008 - Beverly Hills, CA

I have been a patient of Dr.B since 2008 when I...

I have been a patient of Dr.B since 2008 when I decided to have my breast augmentation. I didn't like the size of my breast, so after a lot of research. Dr.B was the only one that made me feel comfortable enough to go on with the surgery. He was very detailed about what I should expect.

My recovery was great,I had minimal discomfort and after 2 days I was working and going about my daily activities. Just recently this year 2011 due to the excellent work that Dr. B pro formed on me and my friends I decided to have a second surgery TummyTuck and Lipo, my results where magnificent again.

Wow, a group tummy tuck! Must've been nice to have some recovery buddies. I'm glad you're so happy with the surgeries you had. Thanks for sharing here on RealSelf! And if you're interested in sharing your tummy tuck results as well, you can head to our wonderful tummy tuck community and let those ladies know how well you did.

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I'm really satisfied with my results and the attention Dr.B has provided. He has promptly answer all of my questions and made this process smoother for me. Dr. B is great. I will definitely recommend Dr. B to family and Friends.

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