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Hello ladies. Im a mom of 2 a little boy (2yr) and...

Hello ladies. Im a mom of 2 a little boy (2yr) and a little girl(2months). Im 20 and i will be getying my tubes tied soon(dont comment if its neggative its my life my decission)i used to be a skinny think thick girl and obiously after 2 kids that did not stay the same. So ive been lurking around here for a while now and im in love with Dr.Duran's work.Ladies that have gotten a quote from here but live in the states like me how did you go about getting a quote? I wont be getting my surgrey till about in a 1yr and a half but i want to know how much to save up. If i can get your help that would be great thank you:)


Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!

This link may help you. It's for a forum post where some other girls are also trying to get in touch with her. I'm not sure if she speaks much English or not, but her staff may. You could also Google her and find her website, which will most likely have contact details.

Please do keep us updated with your progress!

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Wow first time I heard that one lol good luck with your decision
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