Brazilian Butt Lift !!! IN NEED OF ADVICE!

Hello everyone I am currently 5'5 and weigh...

Hello everyone I am currently 5'5 and weigh about 145lbs. I am considering having a butt lift just not sure of where to get it done. I was thinking of traveling to Colombia in South American to where a few of my family members have had surgery. I am trying to see where you guys recommend in America and prices. I also wanted to know if any one has had the butt lift and the breast augmentation with fat injections which is a newer procedure. Thanks for the help! I am planning to get this done in May 2012.

I spoke with my aunt in Colombia yesterday and she...

I spoke with my aunt in Colombia yesterday and she mentioned that the surgeon where she works just charged her friend $4,000 for a BBL & a BA. She said the women he has worked on have turned out looking great. With this price and flight I would still save more money then if I did it here.

Hi Kyala, thanks for sharing your journey with us. Is there a particular reason you're wanting to travel outside of the USA for surgery?

Hey Kirsty. There are a few reasons as to why I plan on going to Colombia. The first is money. A brazilian butt lift and a breast augmentation would cost about $4,000 with a certified doctor. The next is that my aunt in Colombia is a nurse where this surgeon works. Therefore she has seen the work he has done and she has some friends he has also worked on, that have had great results. I also have a few family members that have traveled to Colombia and come back home looking great. Luckily I will have my grandmother's home to stay at and my aunt (nurse) to care for me. Therefore those are the pros. The cons would obviously be if something (I pray not) goes wrong I wouldn't have a doctor near by. Thanks for asking.

Yes, I can see why you'd consider travelling then. I think the most important thing is to make sure your doctor is certified and have as many consultations as you need until you're comofrtable with your choice.

You can use this link to also find doctors in the USA that carry out BBL, just in case America is also a consideration for you.


Hey! I stopped using this site for awhile because...

Hey! I stopped using this site for awhile because I stopped thinking of the idea of having a BBL and BA! After working out hardcore, etc, I decided that I would love that extra plump and lift in my butt. Therefore I think I am ready to find a DR and have the procedure done! I decided that I do not want a BA. i have small breasts, but with bras, they look pretty decent. I rather have a nice backside. Therefore I am currently just interested in a BBL. My main concern is that I am at a new job for 4 months and I am worried about asking for the time off.... How long did you guys need for time off? And what do you tell your co-workers, since there will be a major difference in how I look when I return.. Any advice? Also ladies did you pay everything up front, use care credit? or.... ??
Thanks Ladies!! =)
Most ladies here are using doctors Jimerson, salama, or campos. There are other drs on here as well but I see those names the most. I'm using Dr.J his results are amazing. U need at least 2 weeks off work and another 2 weeks where u can stand without sitting all day long. After that u should be ok. I chose to pay my deposit and make monthly payments until paid off( same as cash). I'm not sure about the finance companies but most drs have them on their website. Dr j has 3 that he uses plus in house financing. Hope this helps.
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