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HI Ladies I'm new to Real Self. I actually just...

HI Ladies I'm new to Real Self. I actually just decided I wanted a bbl monday after watching Shekinah on TI & Tiny's show. So I started to do some surfing and found this website and have been on it ever since. I might have a slight problem..ok big problem. I'm 5'7" & i weigh less than 100 lbs so i kinda don't really have any body fat that I know of. So I guess gaining weight will be my first test. Do you ladies know of any DRs that can get fat out of a slim frame? I live in CT and i would prefer to go to someone in the NY or NJ area so i don't have to travel much. I sent my photos to Dr Salama & he suggested I get implants which I don't want to do. Any help is appreciated.

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Welcome to the bbl sisterhood and I know that dr. Jimerson does an implant with a combo of fat grafting to make the implant look more nautral so you might want to ask about that
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Good luck, but you have a lot of weight to gain! I'm also 5'7", but I weigh 153 lbs., and the doctor had a hard time getting enough fat for the size I wanted! I know a woman who has implants and is very thin, but when she bends over in anything tight you can almost see the implant. I know a lot of women in DR inject silicone in the butts, but that is illegal here can be dangerous... Good luck!
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ughhh thank you because i'm really gonna need it. I'm ready to give up already.
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