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Hello Ladies, i have been following all of you for...

Hello Ladies, i have been following all of you for months now. I am very interested in the BBL its crazy.. I want it so bad and i dont even know where to start. Ive been reading a lot of your post but and I have no idea where to start or what websites the drs have. can someone please send me some info on dr campos and yili so i can check out there websites.. i say them because i have seen their names so much i want to check it out for my self. and ladies please if you can give me some info what are going to be my steps in the process i just so flustered.. thank you guys so much.. im so excited


Welcome TheoneKS! Love your hair.
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Hey hon--I am still researching too. I haven't done it. I made an excel sheet with Dr's I am interested in--Pros/Cons. Cost..etc. is the best website for Yili. Email is Phone is 786-484-1092. From what the other girls say-you should email her in spanish. If you don't already speak spanish then use google translate.
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Here is info for Campos--website and phone 619-377-7454. Hope this helps!
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