Brazilian Butt Lift & Breast Augmentation

Hey Guys, I've been on this website for a month...

Hey Guys,
I've been on this website for a month now reading other girls experiences & I've connected to alot of your guys stories. Im on this website because I do not know how to go about getting surgery & I am young (21 yo). I really am hoping to get surgery within the next 6 - 8 months. Im looking into getting video vixen body like Yaris Sanchez or Kimbella. Im looking for the right doctor who specializes in the buttock. I'll update you guys with more information within the next week or so.

Dominican Republic, Columbia, Brazil or Miami

Okay guys; not only do I want to do my buttock but...

Okay guys; not only do I want to do my buttock but I also want to do my breast... I had a child very young at 16 & while I was pregnant I was a very full C. After I had my child, my breast dropped to a very small A cup & they now sag. Im very embarrased & I feel I cant be intimate or wear loose fitting crop t shirts without wearing a Victoria Secret miraculous bra. So now I am now looking for a Doctor who also speacializes in Breast Aug. in NYC. I visited Body Cosmetica today in Midtown; Dr Mark Flinstein- who I thought was very proffesional & friendly. Quoted me $6,500 for my breast.
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Have you tried Dra. Walkiris Robles Her results, pricing and all inclusive packages are excellent.
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Good luck on your journey.....its exciting i am going for my surgery next month,,,then i will be getting my breasts lifted in Dec.I too have those saggy breasts from having kids....
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Hey gir, welcome and congrats on starting your journey... this is only the beginning to something very happy...
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Thanks for sharing your journey with us, please do keep us updated on your progress!

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Welcome to the club
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Congrats on joining the BBL Club, Welcome and make yourself at home!! Make sure you research all of your potential doctors as well as their reviews and results and hopefully that will make your decision making a little easier. Good luck and happy hunting!! Please keep us updated!!
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