31 Yrs., 3 Kids Ready for BBL, TT

Researching for one month. Expected to stay local...

Researching for one month. Expected to stay local to home in dfw through recovery but willing to travel and split cost only with accompanying patient. Ive seen so many reviews and im so confused. If anyone is planning to go this month since Im not working (which I see wont happen)please help me. I thought this would be easier and its a tough process unless i just go to someone but I want results that im seeing from Cortes in houston or jimmerson im Atlanta just not as expensive and Im unable to find that based on my build in dfw.
Have you decided on a dr for your bbl? I think I've decided on dr obaid. I really don't want to travel but then in the back of my mind I'm curious about Cortes. But I had a friend get her nose done from dr o and it looks good. I just prefer to have a referral from a trustworthy source but yet and still it's not a bbl referral.
Get at least 5 consults before you decide. Ask for at least 8 references of past patients for you to call. If they can't give them to you. It's a no go, DO NOT rush to have this sx. Do NOT chase the dollars. Meaning if a doc is cheap and unknown bypass him. Go to the reputable doc who charges less. If they are rude from day one, your service will suck all the way through. Research research research, this is major sx. You want to put your life in the best doctor's hands. It's life or death literally.
Congrats and good luck
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