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Restylane Made my Undereye Hollows Worse

5 days ago I´ve had restylane injected in...

5 days ago I´ve had restylane injected in my undereyes and tear hollows. Im only 23 yrs old,but Ive always suffered from hollowed eyes (both, lower and upper) and it really upsets me, makes me looks tired, old and sick.

After reading about the restylane filler I decided to give it a try. And I regret SO MUCH. It became ALOT worse, bumpy, uneven, and I dont know why it became much darker than it was. I dont know if its only bruised and will disapear soon. Can someone help me by telling if its gonna be lighter in the next days? Thanks

Hi HollowGirl, How are your eyes doing? Any improvement in the discoloration? I had really bad bruising/swelling for a couple of weeks after getting Restylane injected in my tear troughs. The darkness should get lighter as the Restylane starts to dissolve...it will take some time, though. I had my Restylane injected back in October 2009 and I'm still waiting for it to completely go away. I was over injected under my right eye and left with what looks like a bag...ugh!! Hate it! But it's very, very slowly going back to normal. Massage and warm compresses may help the lumpiness you're experiencing, but do it very gently. I guess the good news is that it's not permanant! Thank goodness!!! So it will go away...eventually. Each week I see my eyes getting a little bit better. I will certainly never let anyone inject me with anything again! Hang in there...and I hope things are looking better for you.
Hi.. well, it got a little better, i massaged the lumps and they became a little better. I went back to the doctor and she injected more, since it didnt make any difference n the hollows. What a dissapointment again. It looked nice 2 days after, but it was only the swollen. As soon as it went down the hollows are here again, ugly, dark and sunken like before. I regret so much! It was so expensive and no results, just worse cause of the bruisng. Did it happen the same to you? at lest she didnt charge me again for the touch up, but im thinkin about asking my money back.. I look really as bad as before plus yellow bruises.. do u have pictures of ur results? I can show you mine if u want July
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