Totally Worth It! Got Top Liner With Groupon - Branson, MO

I got a Groupon & got my top liner done for...

I got a Groupon & got my top liner done for only $99 - totally worth it!
Even though I was an unusual "bleeder" because of fine veins around my eye area and swelled up a lot - it really wasn't that bad. Feels like an annoying scratching, lasts about an hour, swelling was gone in 2 days. Totally worth it in order to wake up half decent every day. I love it so much that now I will be getting my eyebrows done next.
If you can find a good technician - go for it!

I got my eye done too..lik a week u think that I should get a re-touch?
Yes, I would, especially if it was included in the original price. I'd wait a little longer though. Good luck.
Yes, I was, but I spent considerable amount of time reviewing her portfolio. Then called and asked for how long she has been practicing and what training she has. Turned out she is an RN, does injectable fillers and in the past 7 years has been doing cosmetic tattooing. I felt confident after all of that. I'd say research is key.
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