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I have always been over weight. Even as a child. 2...

I have always been over weight. Even as a child. 2 children by c-section and hystrorectomy. I had gastric bypass surgery 4 years ago with 135 pound weight loss which has left me with alot of extra skin,

I will be having what is call the anchor cut from my breast bone down and across. I was was wondering if any others have had this. I have already used this website so much and have gotton so much information. Was wondering what most of you were able to eat in the first week?


Congratulations on your weight loss - amazing!  You must feel wonderful.

The first week post op you will not have much of an appetite.  You will eat very small portions so try to focus on good protein and whole grains.  Protein is very important for your healing process.  I was able to eat about a half cup portion of anything at a time for the first couple of weeks.  You will need to get something in your system when taking the medication or your tummy will be upset.

The foods that worked best for me the first two weeks were cottage cheese, yogurt, toast, crackers, jello, protein shakes, scrambled eggs, sprite, chicken broth (low sodium), oatmeal, fresh fruits and peanut butter.  All very small portions.

Just a few more days and you will be one your way:)  Please keep us up to date.

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