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I'm 27, 5'7, weighing around 185. Most of my fat...

I'm 27, 5'7, weighing around 185. Most of my fat is located in my midsection & back, with pretty much nothing on my hips & butt. I do have a very pretty face & had my breasts done a few yrs ago, but I still lack confidence. My pants are usually too tight on my stomach and too baggy on my butt. I've worn butt pads for yrs. Tomorrow I will be getting my BBL done. What I am mostly looking for is SHAPE. So far I'd say the experience is nerve racking bc I really don't know what to expect. My dr told me flat out that I will be no Kim K, but there will be a significant difference. Everyones results vary, depending on your natural build, the kind of fat you have, your skin, etc. This is no cheap procedure for me, so I hope that whatever difference I have is worth what I'm paying.

My BBL didn't happen

Not even half way into my surgery, it had to be stopped. Apparently my heart rate and blood pressure kept rising and wouldn't stop. My doctor had to stop right away per the anestegiolost. I woke up with a slightly smaller belly, and not many answers. He was able to get 3000 CCs out of my stomach, but had to stop, so there was no fat transferred. Recovery from just the lipo was very rough, both physically and mentally. I even went to the ER to get checked out. Nothing wrong. To have something like this happen is a nightmare, that you only think happens on tv. I am seeing a cardiologist this week to get my heart checked. At this point I'm not sure what the future holds. I will update when I get my results back, and with whatever plan I have in place depending on that.
Bowie Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Benjamin did my breast aug a few yrs ago, so I was comfortable going to him for a BBL.

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I'm sorry ma :-( but your life is far more important!! Hope it all works out for you!
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I'm also from the dmv and had a consult with dr Benjamin. Hood luck with sx and keep is posted. Anxious to see your results.
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Congrats. Wishing u the best results and a happy recovery!!!
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GOOD LUCK!!! Keep us posted!!
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Doctors in Miami can make you Kim K. I hope you've gotten other opinions. I'm from your area and I don't really have faith in surgeons in dmv, compared to surgeons in Miami, Houston, and DR. Good luck chica and congrats on taking your next step to a better you!
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Welcome to RS!! Love reading your review, I can relate to you in more ways then one. It's cool your Doc gives a balanced view point . Congrats ! I wish you the best results. Following you!
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