BBL, Liposculpture, Lip Grafting!! Dr.Benjamin!! I'm Ready to Become a DOLL!!!! - Bowie, MD

I'm hoping that Almonte can give me the curves and...

I'm hoping that Almonte can give me the curves and tiny waist I've been saving for.. I'm also looking into a dr in the states, Dr. Benjamin! He's done some great work aswell! I need this done ASAP!!!!! I spoke to his wife who is also his nurse and she was soooo nice and helpful, she made me feel at ease
Congrats and good luck
Welcome and congratulations luv! Best wishes!
Ty! I've also talked to dr. Cabral and I love his work, but I'm scared to travel to another country for surgery
Dr Benjamin

I set my consiltation with Dr. Benjamin and his his wife who also works with him (she's a nurse) and she's very sweet, I told her what I wanted and she kept it 100 with me, I liked that! This is something I've been wanting for a little while now..I've already had my breast implants done and I love cosmetic surgery! !! We as women should always want to look our best!

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