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I went to a top Beverly Hills PS for tear...

I went to a top Beverly Hills PS for tear troughing. Although we agreed on Juvederm during our consult, his 'aesthetician' recommended Radiesse. I agreed as I assumed it was another brand of hyaluronic acid. The procedure and it's potential risks were never discussed.

It was done via micro cannulas deep under the tear trough area and he claimed to have done 100's over a period of about 5 years which I am sure is true. Immediately after, the under eye area looked swollen and bruised. I noticed under downlighting that the radiesse looked like a sausage under the skin and did not appear soft or blended. I had been told it takes about 3 weeks to soften after the procedure. Only one syringe was used and a bit left was put into a vertical groove on my forehead and some was still left over which I opted to leave.

After a week I began to realise that my eyes were not bruised but there was a blue cast from the corner of my eyes and that it had also caused loads of broken capillaries. It got worse, on day 12 it suddenly swelled under my right eye with scarlet/purple over it and looks like a sort of protruding eyebag. I was advised to try anti-inflammatories and warm compresses to no avail. The Radiesse on my forehead is hard and can been seen under certain lights and has migrated to under my right eyebrow and the material under my right eye appears to have migrated upwards under my eye. The Radiesse under my left eye does not look blended and there is a bump and broken veins at the injections site.

I discovered that many other users on real-self have had similar symptoms and inflammatory responses. It cannot be dissolved and obviously as it is under the delicate eye area options such as massage, saline or cortisone injections are out of the question. I am utterly depressed as my eyes look way worse than before with hollows that could be mostly covered by concealer. It now takes me about 10 minutes to disguise and can be seen anyway under artificial lights. Without makeup I look horrendous with dark marks under my eyes (hopefully the tyndall effect) and broken capillaries, and lumps. Today I felt overwhelmed and spent the day in bed as I am totally devastated.

At best, I believe that after approx. 12 weeks the carrier gel dissolves and some of the swelling subsides. Then I have to wait, a minimum of another 9 months if I am lucky and 19 months if I am not as apparently it cannot be dissolved and it has a life span of 12-18 months and possibly longer if injected into an immobile area.

Great!!! I honestly cannot believe that this is considered safe or a good option. I am stunned that the 'aesthetician' recommended this to me unless and highly likely, she is goaled on Radiesse sales. Use this awful hard dental filler (yes it is actually a long used dental filler) at your peril!!!
Don't expect Radiesse to admit any of this as that is admitting liability and that it is to do with the practitioner who incidentally claims this is a first. If there is just one incidence of this and there are many more, then it cannot be considered 'safe' especially in light of the fact that the manufacturers do not highlight these potential problems on their website and have no solution as per hyaluronic acid which can be dissolved. Basically if only a few people have a bad reaction to a filler, then it is 'safe'. Really?
I now also have to spend a fortune visiting a vein specialist to address that collateral damage and another cosmetic practitioner to try to find a way to disguise the lumps . The response from the practice nurse 'Oh it happended to me (ie broken veins) to just go visit a derm!'
Anecdotal evidence says that heat seems to reduce swelling, ie some dermatologist recommend Gentle Yag for the broken veins and that this seems to reduce the swelling. Ditto with suntanning, saunas etc which I would imagine speeds up the metabolizing process.
Frankly this hard enduring filler is hideous. There are obviously much better options which can at least be removed so why subject oneself to this awful lumpy hard calcium hydroxylapatite!!!!


I wanted to share this Q&A with you that I posted after reading your review. I hadn't heard that Radiesse was previously a dental filler so wanted to see what the board certified doctors who volunteer on RealSelf had to say:

Was Radiesse Originally Created to Be a Dental Filler?

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Dear Megan Refer to wikipedia for the calcuim hydroxypatite regarding it's dental application. Also bear in mind that doctors using Radiesse under the eyes are doing so off-label and that even the manufacturers say not to do so!! Of course, many doctors use many fillers off label and of course, many doctors that do are goaled by the manufacturers on their sales/usage. Even if only 5-10% if people get a bad reaction that is still a huge amount of people and that is what clinical results don't highlight as they will often document for example that only 2 people in 70 had adverse results - which actually results to 20 in 700 etc. Too many inexplicable reactions despite using so called board certified PS or dermatologists this is no guarantee against the product

You are absolutely right that there are no guarantees and there are definitely risks with this or any other treatment or procedure a person decides to do. Off label use of drugs isn't unique to fillers or medi-beauty though, as you probably know. I found the information in this Q&A very interesting and thought you might as well:

What Fillers Are FDA Approved for Use in the Tear Trough / Under Eye Area?

Well no good news I'm afraid. It is now 7 weeks...

Well no good news I'm afraid. It is now 7 weeks later and I still have a visible lump under my right eye. It can actually be moved around (so much for Radiesse claiming it doesn't migrate), is slightly yellowy/white and has caused a sort of a itchy red scaliness and looks like broken veins. I am just hoping it will go down as the gel carrier dissolves. Under the other eye, where it has not migrated you can also see in certain lights the shape of the 'implant' of radiesse. After reading how many people have had similar problems I cannot believe it is so popular still. My dermatologist in the UK phoned the company that sells Radiesse and she was shocked to discover they couldn't care less. She says she will never use this product as she says Allergan (suppliers of Restylane and per lane) are so helpful even with issues caused by off-label use. As we all know so much of what these fillers are being used for is off-label and not approved.

Honestly, the look and feel (like a hard bone) of Radiesse is gross. It is causing a skin reaction and looks hideous. Here's hoping ....


Dear Megan the only reason there is a split is the ones who are saying it is fine are goaled financially by Radiesse to use it. They are often 'top doctor' for the product. It is not for the undereye and is ONLY suitable for deep deep positioning where there is a layer of fat over to discuss the way the implant looks. It is hard and encased in gel so how could it possibly be suitable for the undereye area? Plus when it is close to the skin it is visible and causes skin reactions (see how many people on realself have had this issue).
Noone has a plan if something goes wrong. This should be illegal. I have been going through a nightmare for 4 1/2 years. Now, I have dermal filler coming out of my nose. I plan on posting photographs at a later date. I and an oral surgeon I talked to yesterday know more about Radiesse than anyone whose injecting this product. Why didn't the FDA put consumer warning labels on this product as they would for any other drug administered to a patient. Why does noone care? Who can help me recoup my astronomical expenidtures from this nightmare?
There are research articles on the web where the substance was used to seat dental implants. Patients had severe maxillary pain afterwards. The chemical caused a chemical burn to the nerve which explains why the left side of my mouth draws up when I touch my nose and why I can't smell anymore. My daughter is having TMJ surgery. I wanted to make sure that the oral surgeon is not going to use calcium hydroxy apatite. He told me that in the past, yes, this type of product was used and in other dental procedures and the results were disastrous. I told him that I have Radiesse coming out of my sinuses. He was shocked.
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I cannot currently rate this provider until he has seen it and he has been made aware of the lack of professionalism of his staff. Unfortunately, I live on another continent so it will have to wait a couple of months till I am back and able to give a final view.

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