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I had five treatments over a year's time.. It...

I had five treatments over a year's time.. It was very painful but tolerable. After five treatments I can see absolutely no improvement whatsoever! I had small capillaries on my face and they are still there.

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That would be disappointing, especially considering the amount of money you paid. Are you considering trying another treatment or did this turn you off from wanting to try anything else?

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I am thinking about just cutting to the chase and have a facelift.
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Well I can definitely understand why you would try other things before going that route. I know some people have said that they have gone in for consults for facelifts and decided that injectable fillers would give them the change they are looking for. Have you considered looking into those at all?

If you haven't checked it out already, we have an entire Facelift Community, so you can read some of the reviews and chat with the community members who have done it to get a better idea if its right for you or not.


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I feel for you! I've had 2 done in the past 6 months. 1st one was done by the doctor and I was truly amazed at the result, it even filled in my nasal lobial folds and under eye area, but the second one was done with by PA and it left me blotchy and leathery. The doctor offered to fix it for $300. I've been doing a ton of research and think I'm going for the full CO2 ablative. Its so easy to throw away money on these lesser procedures. I ended up spending $2700 for supposed skin tightening and pro fractional - not only a waste of money but a frustrating waste of time. We believe the hype the doctors sell us, and what makes it the most frustrating is that by the time you realize its not working you spent the money you would have on a real procedure and would have already recovered. Go for the facelift.
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