Do Not Move During Invisalign Treatment or You Will Lose All Your $$

I paid an orthodontist in full for Invisalign...

I paid an orthodontist in full for Invisalign treatment. Partway through the treatment I had to move. The doctor will not reimburse me any money for incompleted work and Invisalign refuses to speak to the customer. I cannot continue work in my new location because the orthodontist has no way of getting paid. Invisalign also predicted my treatment would take about one year but it has been extended to 1.5 years - and my move took place during this extended period. The Invisalign program does not have any policy in place to protect the patient - they will only talk to the doctor who is keeping my money. End result: I paid 5000$ and my teeth are not straight. I do not recommend this program if you might have to move.

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I don't understand why your doctor will not give you all of your trays. You paid for them. Find yourself an invisalign dentist or orthodontist where you moved and just pay for office visits. You should be almost finished by now. Demand the rest of your trays and your retainer. They have no right to keep them from you.
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There would be no reason for Invisalign to work with you. It is only my opinion of course but unless you signed something stating that services not completed would be refunded then you are stuck. Hope you find a solution.
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