I Was Surprised at How Little It Did - Boulder, CO

I'm a mid 20's male, with minor acne scarring and...

I'm a mid 20's male, with minor acne scarring and pox marks left over from childhood. Basically this product is a chemically induced sunburn pretty much. Looks like one, feels like one, and has the same affect as one.

I read a bunch of reviews and was very excited to get this product after seeing before and after pictures. I went through all of the steps, watched youtube videos, read the instructions, followed them to the letter, didn't leave the house for almost a week. But after my skin peeled away, there was no difference besides my skin looking shinier.

I look literally exactly the same.

I wouldn't recommend this treatment for anyone who is expecting a less painful microderm abrasion.


I think it takes 3-4 peels to see a noticeable difference.
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Sorry to hear you found the results disappointing. :-/ What kind of chemical peel did you do?

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