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I tried the above product 3 yrs ago. I thought I...

I tried the above product 3 yrs ago. I thought I will share my experience for those who are comtemplating to try it. I bought this product to fade various sun spots I have on my face. It took 2 weeks for it to peel off completely. Then, after the peel, although some of the sun spots had faded, I started developing cystic acne pretty much all over the face. I had the odd pimple as a teenager but had always had clear skin. 3 yrs on, I still have breakouts every so often, although not as bad, and have a few acne scars that had faded but still clearly visible. I only use natural products for my face now. I guess this can work well for some people, but it can go really wrong too!

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us.

Was there a highly emollient cream that was applied after the peel, or anything of that nature? I'm curious what would have accounted for the acne. No fun, sorry you had to deal with that. :-/

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