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Botox Works for Some But Didn't Work for Me

My experience may not represent the majority, but...

My experience may not represent the majority, but it's important to know that there is a chance this may happen to you too. I had $400 worth of Botox injections--with high hopes. Nothing happened after a few days, then after a few weeks, and then, well, never. When I asked my doctor about it he was surprised and was about to ask me if I wanted to have it done again (something that did not work on me anyway?). He delved a little deeper and it turned out that I had had botulism poisoning in my past--I'd been very sick from it--and had therefore developed a resistance to the botulism toxin that makes Botox effective. Thus, a $400 mistake. I did not know there were instances where Botox did not work and I didn't know about the botulism poisoning connection. My friend who is a doctor suggested that because there are at least two strains/variations of Botox--A and B--that I may want to consider using the OTHER strain--not the one that did not work. But I am reluctant to put any money into it again. My adice? The first time you get Botox, get the smallest amount possible to test if it works. If it works, you are lucky and can get more later.
Got botox for the first time to achieve a more rested look to the tune of 1000. dollars. Little to no results...spa didnt seem to care..told me I probably have strong facial muscles..so I should get 1300.00 dollars worth of Juvederm. AAAAANNNNDDD...the owner told me I should get smart lipo (10,000) Mind you I am 5 ft 8, 120lbs and am very muscular.. like 10% body fat. I wear a size 2. The only thing that she could suck out of me is my money.. BOTOX is not worth it.
I had 500 dollars worth of botox 2 weeks ago and see no difference at all . You would think a person would at least see a slight difference , but nothing .
I also had botox, infact 4 injections to each side of my frown lines, 3 days later & still no difference, so i went back and got a top up for free,3 days nothing, 3 weeks nothing, 3 months nothing, but after sunbathing on holiday, i am now left with a really bad patchy forehead, to the extent that my forehead looks as if i have been burnt. BE WARNED.
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