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Botox Worked Great for Me - Walnut Creek, CA

I am 41, and got two botox treaments (two...

I am 41, and got two botox treaments (two different injection sites per treatment) this year, for $300 per tube, two tubes per treatment.  My plastic surgeon is well known and performed the injections- one over each eyebrow and one near the outside of each eye.

The results were stunning, but botox does definitely make you feel a little weird.  I had no bruising or swelling at the injection sites, but I was a little ill after each treatment a few days later (nothing terrible though) and it is strange not to be able to move your forehead muscles when you are used to making faces.  But, my doctor claims that a few years of training myself not to flex those muscles will take a decade off my face by the time I'm 50 and I believe him.

I do not at all look frozen or mask like- no one knows I've done anything except the few people I've told.

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Botox is the best! I do two treatments a year, two...

Botox is the best! I do two treatments a year, two tubes per treatment. Only between my eyes and around my eyes. I have a low brow and my doctor thinks it would look heavy if I injected my whole forehead :).


Your post says you spent $300 on Botox, which is misleading because you actually spend $600 each time.
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It was probably a complete oversight on their part, or perhaps they were just trying to show the cost per area, as they clearly explained the total cost in their review so I don't think their intention was to mislead. :)


Thanks for sharing. Who is your Dr.? I'm in the Bay Area as well and considering Botox and/or fillers.
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