Botox is Wonderful!

I did Botox because I was under a lot of stress...

I did Botox because I was under a lot of stress and could feel my crowsfeet forming as I woke up. Since then, I've had four treatments, about every four months.

I just love it! So nice not to feel my forehead all scrunched up.

The last time I had a few injections around my eyes to reduce the smile lines. Looks good, not obvious.

Dr. Jackson Rhudy

Full disclosure, careful application, not too much Botox

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Botox and its new competitor Dysport work to weaken muscles. They do this very effectively. When administered by a qualified provider, the patient satisfaction rate is very high. It is great to hear that you've experienced a good result. Best regards, Brian K. Brzowski, MD, FACS Ogden, UT
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