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Still Waiting for Skin to Look Normal

I had fine results with a Raleigh office in the...

I had fine results with a Raleigh office in the past, but when I had my last appt. in JANUARY, there was a new nurse doing injections. I had filler along the laugh lines and botox in the forehead. Well, she injected too close to the surface and I was left with granulomas on both sides of the nose. She then plastered my face with mineral-makeup, which I do not use, and I almost fainted when I saw the results. I was so embarrassed that I paid for this service. It has lessened over time, but I still massage the areas vigorously. This Doctor was supposed to be the best in the area, but I never saw him. I am afraid to go anywhere now, although I want to eliminate the crows feet I have and forehead lines. I don't want to see another PA or Nurse, I want a DOCTOR who does the work himself. Open to suggestions, know anyone in the Triangle or anywhere in NC who can be trusted?

My gosh why did this lady do it and not a Doctor? I hope you got your money back! Please read all of the comments left about these products, I have read some horror stories and it is best to be informed of all of the risks, even if you find a dr that is supposed to be the best they can make mistakes too (and they do) Sometimes the lure of money can cloud even the most well intended people. Good luck.
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The Doctor is great, but you don't get to see him, you will see a Nurse.

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