Botox Sore

It found the whole procedure very painful. I was...

it found the whole procedure very painful. I was expecting something quite different but the doctor also said i didn't need any anesthetic so thats probably why it hurt even more.

i wouldn't recommend anyone going to my doctor or having the botox treatment as i had a very bad experience.

Wow - that is the total opposite from my experience. I had Botox in my forehead. The dematologist gave me an icepack - I placed it on my forehead for less than 1 minute and then she injected maybe 4-6 times. No pain at all! And, she even hit a vein because I had slight bruising after and still no pain. And, I love it! It took a couple of days to take effect, though. I had those vertical lines in between my eyebrows. They are much better. But, still looks natural.
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