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Botox the Best Treatment for Severe Neck Spasm

I have had terrible muscle spasms in my neck and...

I have had terrible muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders for 30 years. It is constant and painful. On a scale of 10 for relief, the best chiropractors might make a 2 and the treatment lasts maybe a few weeks. TENs gave me a relief of 4 and lasted a couple of weeks.

Flexeril is a 1 to 2, and more effective coupled with narcartics. But BOTOX is AWESOME! I had 7 shots in each side from the edge of my shoulders up to high on my neck. The relief was easily an 8, and lasted several months. It was the best I had felt since the problem started. It was an experimental program at the VA, and I haven't been able to get any more shots from them.

I guess they think it's preferable to have me taking narcotics and muscle relaxers. If I had any kind of income I would gladly pay for the treatment.

Congrats on having a great outcome.  How long is the Botox intended to last (when do you need another set of injections)?

They said it would gradually wear off from 3 to 4 months, and it did. After about 5 months my symptoms returned completely and abruptly. I find it a little irritating to see how much interest and money is invested by people for cosmetic reasons, when I can't get it for a medical reason. I also have discoid lupus, so I'll never again have even normal looking skin. But, we all have our own bears to cross, and I can only wear my own moccasins. I'm actually happy for the people who's lives are better after receiving cosmetic botox. I believe it is safe, and is certainly better than resorting to irreversible surgery.
Veterans Administration Hospital

It was quick and nearly painless. They seemed to know exactly what they were doing.

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