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Botox-The Great Eliminator

I am 41, and have excellent skin with very few...

I am 41, and have excellent skin with very few wrinkles. except the awful "11" between my eyebrows.

A friend dragged me to an open house a few months back and I had it done. I had a headache for a few days, but within a week my forehead was smooth and looked great. There was a little drooping of my left eyelid, but I think that if you constantly move your forehead around when you have it done it helps.

Also, don't get greedy. I would wait at LEAST 6-9 months between treatments and would also never have two procedures done at the same time i.e. botox and Juvederm. Space things out.

Painful for me, but sooo worth it.

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I have had Botox in San Francisco and San Diego/Leaucadia area. Maybe 4 or 5 times.My forhead, between my brows and a brow "lift". It was MUCH cheaper in southern california. I paid $20 a unit here in SF. Used 45 units......you do the math. The Botox in southern cal was about $650 for the same amount + plus some Rystalene. I LOVE my south cal doc, but live in SF now....and needed a touch up. I called around to a lot of the spa here and a lot of them sounded a bit vague when I asked more pointed quetions( ie. who gave the Botox Rn or MD, were they familiar w/a brow lift.etc ) I learned there was a anesthesiologist giving Botox, a RN and I think 1 dermatologist. I decided to call a ex-facial plastic surgeon who just opened a clinic. ( that's why I paid $20 a unit in SF ) He was chief of facial recontructive surgery at UCSF.....now he is on his own. I paid big money..but he sat down, talked to me, looked me in the eye...and clearly knew what he was doing. I just had it done today and so far so good. Bottom line.............ask a lot of questions. Find out who is doing the injecting. Sometimes it's worth it to pay more..........especially if it is for your face.
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