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I Had This Procedure Done in South Korea.

I always thought it was too expensive,until I...

I always thought it was too expensive,until I researched it in South Korea. I wanted to get rid of my crows feet and forehead lines. I just had my second treatment done and and feel great.

The first time, I experienced bruising and it was painful. After the treatment, I had a couple of needle marks that wouldn't go away. This time the procedure was better. I have no bruising or marks. Same doctor and clinic.

I'm 48 and don't want plastic surgery, until I'm 55.

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It's too far away for anyone, unless you're in S. Korea.

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I would love to know also. Thanks!
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I wanted to know the name and number of the plastic surgeon you used in Korea for your Botox?
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i would like that too! i'm living near pusan
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I am 59 and swore I would never...Until I found that no matter how hard I tried, I could not control this little muscle between my eyebrows. One day I walked out of my office and had it done. I LOVE IT!
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